Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Funny Memes for your classroom

I am due to head back to work in 11 days after 32 weeks study leave to write my Masters Thesis. I saw on another site that a teacher had used memes to teach students her classroom rules and routines so I decided to try making my own. I used and I've used some ideas I've found on the net but also made a few original ones too which suit a Food Technology classroom.

 1.  This is what I reply to students when they ask me if they can go to the toilet instead of asking, May I go to the toilet?  My rule is that students need to ask me before leaving the room and take an out of class pass with them.  If it's 5 minutes before the end of the session, I will sometimes ask kids if they can hold it until class is over, but after having a student pee on the floor in front of everyone I almost always say yes.

2.  No talking when I'm talking - This is a pet hate of mine so I try to teach students that it is respectful to be quiet and listen to me (and to anyone else) who is speaking.

3.  I like clean and shiny sinks so I teach my students to clean, rinse and dry the sink at the end of every lesson. It means the next class coming in gets a nice clean work area and also helps to keep away ants and other pests in the kitchen.

4.  It drives me crazy when students don't write their name on their work.  I teach students to write their full names so their work doesn't get mixed up with another student's.

Here are a few other funnies I found when I was searching for ideas.  Have a great day!